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Photobucket totally killed everything, so I have to transfer all images to imgur. Site pages will stay up, but image links will be broken. Come back next time!

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February 25, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
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[7] new character gifs
[2] bbcode templates

I'm a little late, obviously, but I'm back with some new updates. I thought that I would be updating a lot more frequently, but let's be real... I'm terrible. I just made a few things, one that is also new to my site!

First off, I made two new RP bbcode templates, and seven new character graphic gifs for RPing as well.

I've been super busy this month, I started classes last month, but this month was just exxxxxtra, because I went back home to visit my family for the "family day". It was hella fun, not gonna lie. It's usually super chill when we go back, but this time my parents had a house warming party because they just recently moved into their new house and... let me tell ya... if you see it, and then look at the other houses on the reserve, then you know that a house warming party had to happen. My cousin had games, and prizes and all that. AND SO MUCH FOOD, OH MY GOD. It was glorious.

food, food, glorious food!

If you have any suggestions to add to the site, or facelcaims to use for character graphics let me know in the comment box!


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